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Distinctive Features


  • Documents and records
    • Managing documents workflow for various legal entities in the same database (see the Informational structure)
    • The possibility of forming goods-accounting documents simultaneously in two currencies, with conversion of prices of goods from one currency to another
    • The possibility of registration of payment documents in any currency, with conversion into the currency of mutual settlements at the specified rate
    • The possibility of registration of payment for several documents simultaneously, or several payments for the same document
    • Automatic generation of documents of correction of an exchange difference when registration of payment in the currency different from the settlement currency
    • Hierarchical interconnections between the documents, allowing to track the chain of documents, for instance: Proforma Invoice - Payment - Commercial Invoice
    • "Executing transaction" and "cancellation of transaction" of the documents individually or in the list (under "executing transaction" it is understood the execution of actions associated with the document, for example, in case of Commericial Invoce it is the write-off of goods from the warehouse and changing the money balance of the buyer)
    • Automatic registration of the date of entry and change of the document, indicating the user, who has entered or modified the document
    • Auto lock of the document when editing by the user
    • The ability to set up the date of ban for editing the documents
    • A flexible system of discounts and taxes’ accounting in the documents
    • Printing of commercial documents (Proforma Invoce, Commerical Invoice) in accordance with the international standards
  • Mutual settlements with contractors
    • Management of a hierarchical directory of contractors (suppliers, customers)
    • A list of contact persons with information for each contractor
    • Multiple bank accounts for a contractor
    • Accounting of contracts with the contractors with the possibility of storing an electronic document in a database and tracking the current status of the contract
    • Types of contractual terms with the possibility of using when registration of the documents
    • Automatic calculation and accounting of the current money balance of mutual settlements with contractors
    • Keeping of the balance of settlements in multiple currencies: in the base currency of the balance and in the currency of mutual settlements
    • Generation of a verification act for any contractor, reports on accounts receivable and payable
  • Product nomenclature and balance accounting
    • Hierarchical catalog of goods of arbitrary nesting level, noting the diverse good’s parameters (type, weight, packing, etc.), taxes on goods (Excise duty, VAT, Sale tax), keeping of images and descriptions of the goods, quick search of the goods in the whole catalog – by code or name
    • Several units of measuring the goods regarding the scaling ratio
    • Any amount of prices for different types and currency, the history of changes in the prices, settlement prices relative to the base price, service procedures of conversion of goods’ prices by type, or from one currency to another
    • Automatic management of inventory cards with the history of the movement of goods, the accounting of goods’ balances in multiple warehouses
    • Automatic maintenance of piece accounting, accounting of goods’ balances by a receipt price or selling price, the ability to view the remainder of balance and the cards of the movement of goods directly from the nomenclature catalog
    • Inter-warehouse movement of goods with keeping of all the information about the batch of the goods moved
    • Write-offs on the principles of FIFO, LIFO, Max Cost, Min Cost, control of the balance when write-off or movement
  • Reports
    • Price-list in different currencies, price list for availability
    • Report on the balance of goods on an arbitrarily selected date
    • Card of the movement of goods for arbitrary period
    • Generating turnover balance sheet, statement of sales
    • Card of mutual settlements with a contractor
    • Export of reports to Microsoft Excel



is an ERP system providing automation in most important business aspects of an enterprise.

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The universal customizable utility for data transfer/conversion from one database to another.

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