New version of "CRM" module in CRAFT ERP system


"CRM" module automates the main aspects of work for sales manager such as: managing contacts and tasks, planning calls to potential clients etc. In new version 5.3.27 of CRAFT ERP system the "CRM" module has been significantly improved. New functions were added to allow managing the activities' journal of a manager working with potential clients or doing everyday tasks:
- Reference lists of activities types, activities conditions, activities labels
- Journal of activities (records, contacts, labels, files, documents, groups, history of changes)
- Wizard for adding a new plan or report on activity
- Activities panel: selecting activities by date or other criteria, quick adding plans or reports
Activities journal allows effectively manage the customers' relationships, to control managers' work, and also take all neccessary statistics in reports.
CRM module is tightly integrated with other modules of CRAFT ERP, for example: Trading, Manufactoring, Fitness.



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