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Commerce module


Commerce module unifies warehouse management, sales management and suppliers/customers accounting functions. The distinguishing feature of this module is advanced documents control system. Using certain configuration in this module it is possible to form hierarchical relations between documents, for example: Supply contract — invoice for payment — payment document — bill — merchandise return.

Main features of Commerce module:

  • Maintaining the companies list (suppliers, customers) with possibility to register contracts and checking the actual contract status for particular customer when invoicing;
  • Hierarchical ware catalog with unlimited nested level that allows to store different ware parameters (unit, packaging, country of origin, vendor code, customs declaration number, barcode, model, certificate, use-by date info, reference to a standard etc), taxes and so on;
  • Unlimited prices for a one commodity by different price types and currency, price history;
  • Service procedures for price re-calculation from one currency to another or by price type;
  • Multiple units for each commodity with conversion factor;
  • Fast search in ware catalog — by code (barcode) or name;
  • Management of trade stocks on different storehouses, ware movement between storehouses;
  • Management of ware inventory tags with full ware history;
  • Automatic perpetual inventory records for every ware parcel;
  • Calculating trade stocks in money terms using vendor price or sales price;
  • The number in stock for every commodity and inventory tags are visible directly from ware catalog
  • Ware reservation, management of ware reserves;
  • Using FIFO, LIFO, Max Cost or Min Cost algorithms in ware selling;
  • Control of current ware-in-stock when selling or movement between storehouses;
  • Automatic balance calculation for trade receivables and bill payables;
  • Providing full set of required electronic documents for trade business process (more than 20 types of documents);
  • Management of special discounts and price markups (by customer, by goods, by invoice etc)
  • Supporting of different sales schemes: supplier credit, prepayment, trade credit, consignment, buyer credit;
  • Multi-currency documents with automatic price re-calculation from one currency to another
  • Automatic calculation of not yet recorded as received goods in incoming bills or not yet shipped goods in invoices;
  • Execution and rolling back accounting transactions associated with any documents individually or for many documents simultaneously using filters;
  • Price list in different currencies, price list by ware-in-stock only;
  • Reporting on incoming ware, ware in stocks, sales;
  • Ware-in-stock report can be calculated for any data in the past;
  • Ware-in-stock report can be produced for particular supplier;
  • Sales report can be produced for the goods from particular supplier only;
  • Analytical reports like ware liquidity etc;
  • Export reports in text or Microsoft Excel format;
  • Data exchange with Central Accounting module;
  • Integration with cash registers and POS-terminals to work in ON-LINE or OFF-LINE mode.



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