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Software re-engineering


Legacy software brings numerous problems and challenges: it is difficult to maintain, to integrate and to implement new features in response to company business and environment change. «Binom Soft» is able to solve legacy-related problems and offers the following services:

Modernization of legacy application

This means renovation of existing software using modern technology platform instead of obsolete ones and restructuring application components according to new business processes. We can make your application compatible with modern data formats and operating systems, more user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Consolidation and data migration

We assist you in restructuring your data by converting it into fewer databases and up-to-date formats without data loss. This will improve availability, accuracy and stability of corporate data, enhance performance of your applications and make it more convenient for end-users.

Implementing new functionality

We perform full analysis of your business processes and tasks and implement new cost- and time-saving functions according to you business needs.

Web enablement

Web interfaces provide convenient, flexible and cost-effective opportunities for B2B relationships and improve collaboration with your business partners as well as within your company. Creating web applications for business is one of our key expertise, so you can use our wide experience in this area to optimize your business and make it more successful.



is an ERP system providing automation in most important business aspects of an enterprise.

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CRAFT (free)


The universal customizable utility for data transfer/conversion from one database to another.

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