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As a provider of complex offshore software development services, solutions, and products, «Binom Soft» understands its direct impact on the businesses of clients. Binom Soft’s Quality Management is more than a set of processes to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

Our quality practices is continuously enhanced through regular internal audits, project audits (each project has its own quality control plan), assessment of process parameters, and client feedback. So our quality management system spans across the entire range of our management and delivery practices.

«Binom Soft» wants to (and we do) demonstrate effective execution of documentation and records management, top management’s dedication to their customers, establishment of policy, good planning and execution, good resource management, resourceful process control, measurement and analysis. Continual improvement has been institutionalized. The following activities are performed on a regular basis:

  • Process control through all project lifecycle phases: (project management, requirements, planning, estimation process, change management, configuration management, testing, measurement, software development.);
  • Communication management and reporting reviews;
  • Reporting control;
  • Tracking of problems and customer complaints;
  • Tracking deviations and discrepancies to closure.

To guarantee the effectiveness and thoroughness of the testing, «Binom Soft» QA team uses the most up-to-date technologies. Some of the techniques we use to assure the system’s proper functionality include:

Black-box (functional) testing

Black-box testing implies that the tester only knows the input and the expected outcome but doesn’t how the program works. During this process, the tester does not examine the programming code and does not need any further knowledge of the program other than its specifications. This is the most common and simple type of testing and is often performed externally. Being fairly simple, it has several important advantages:

  • The test is unbiased because the developer and the tester are independent from each other;
  • The test is done from the user point of view, not that of the developer;
  • Test cases can be designed as soon as the specifications are complete.

White-box testing

White-box testing implies knowledge of the program and familiarity with the code. The data for this testing is carefully chosen and requires more skillful testers.


Performance Testing (including profiling and benchmarking)

This type of testing is yet more complicated. If conducted by specialists, it can show not only whether the system’s performance conforms to the specifications, but also determine potential bottle-necks and improvements for parts of the code that are crucial for the system’s performance.

Configuration testing (different platforms, operation systems, browsers)

«Binom Soft» is skilled in testing application developed for any platform, including Windows, the UNIX-family, Android and iOS.

Stress Testing

«Binom Soft» checks to see how the system works with a maximum specified load and stress.

Automated Testing

Sometimes the testing process can be greatly accelerated and facilitated with the use of automation. Much of the routine can repeatedly tested by the machine, which saves a lot of time and effort.



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