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«Binom Soft» puts a special focus on Security in its business. «Binom Soft» takes a systematic and comprehensive approach to security providing a solid security management framework. «Binom Soft» guaranties full protect of its own business critical systems and confidential information as well as customers’ information security and intellectual property. Binom Soft’s top security concerns include:

  • Information Security (IS);
  • Physical security and access control;
  • Protection of intellectual property of both "Binom Soft«and its business partners (IP Protection);
  • Personnel security awareness training;
  • Critical business processes continuity.

Information Security

«Binom Soft» Information Security Policy satisfies the requirements on acceptable use of all data and equipment owned by «Binom Soft» and our business partners. The main items of the «Binom Soft» Information Security System are:

  • Effective control over access to data, resources and equipment;
  • Personnel training procedures ensuring high information security awareness;
  • Control over physical access to «Binom Soft» premises;
  • On-going interaction with customer with regards to information security requirements and issues;
  • Ensuring uninterrupted performance of business critical processes.

Physical Security and Access Control

The «Binom Soft» security team provides uninterrupted control over physical security at the company’s R&D facilities:

  • Work spaces, labs and server rooms are located in dedicated project areas designed to provide controlled and secure environment for software R&D activities;
  • Restricted access areas are well protected to safeguard mission critical systems and intellectual property of both «Binom Soft» and its business partners from unauthorized access.

IP Protection

All «Binom Soft» personnel having access to business critical information (data, documentation, software etc.) commit themselves to keep confidential all work-related information (data, software, and documents) that belongs to another party and is entrusted to «Binom Soft» under business partnership contracts. To achieve this requirement non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are to be signed by every employee upon employment with Binom Soft.

Personnel Security Awareness Training

In order to minimize the human factor risk in security, Binom Soft’s Information Security Team provides personnel security trainings that give the following knowledge to the company employees:

  • The company’s security policy, procedures, and practices;
  • Their roles and responsibilities related to information security;
  • Management, operational, and technical controls for IP Protection enforcement within their respective areas of responsibility.

Business Continuity Management

«Binom Soft» runs a well-established business continuity management process to identify and reduce security risks, prevent business disruptions and security failures, and ensure fast recovery from disasters. This implies the following set of actions:

  • Availability of mechanisms and preventative measures to ensure business continuity;
  • Defining business critical processes/applications/hardware;
  • Business Impact Analysis for risk analysis and recovery planning;
  • Disaster recovery planning and a process for computer system/business processes/facilities recovery.



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