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Fitness club


Fitness club module is a specialized software program providing business process automation in sport clubs. The system can be integrated with the access control equipment. This module can be used in cooperation with Commerce module for inventory management and to provide automation in a bar or a restaurant.

Main features of Fitness club module:

  • client base management
  • price catalogue of club cards and complementary services
  • managing individual clients contracts (including corporate clients)
  • managing clients money balance (separate by contract, by legal entity, by service)
  • cash transactions (payments, deposits)
  • clients check-in / check-out at reception (integration with access control system)
  • bar operations (including sales and inventory management)
  • resources reservation
  • monitoring and reporting

Special capabilities:

  • application server for integration with access control equipment
  • flexible management of zones access control
  • flexible time schedule management
  • real-time display of free/busy club resources
  • printing checks on several cash registers
  • creating personal contracts based on templates
  • working with corporate clients
  • flexible discount system, credit payment



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