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Software Testing and QA


«Binom Soft» offers a broad range of application testing ser­vices aimed at assuring quality of software deliverables while minimiz­ing software project risks and reducing total cost of ownership through a combination of process improvement, test automation and «right-shore» service delivery approach. «Binom Soft» capability to supply both software development and test­ing services enables us to effectively share subject matter expertise on the project and as result deliver much higher levels of productivity in both areas.

Our services combine number of testing functions including:

  • Software testing process improvement;
  • Test case design;
  • Test data management;
  • Manual test execution;
  • Test automation;
  • Legacy code rejuvenation;
  • Performance and load testing;
  • Security testing.

Comprehensive reporting is provided during the course of the testing ac­tivities and upon the completion of each test run giving our clients real-time insight into the progress of the project and quality of the software artifacts under test.

Test progress report includes current status of testing effort against the plan milestones down to individual tasks and test cases, a variety of quality and performance metrics including defect density, code cover­age and test success rates, prioritized list of outstanding issues blocking further progress.

The final test report provides quality metrics and other related information of the release package, including test scope, tested environments, sum­mary of bugs and issues still open, failed or test not attempted.

«Binom Soft» testing methodology consists of well-defined phases, tasks and deliverables and includes clear recommendations on how to tailor those for specific customer requirements, environment and business priorities. Our methodology is that the customer will have clear understanding on what testing tasks will be carried out and how.

Key testing activities are:

  • Designing test cases to maximize test success rate;
  • Defining test sets for execution a specified testing type on a given build or package;
  • Executing tests and report defects;
  • Performing regression testing and verify high severity defect fixes;
  • Verifying lower priority defect fixes;
  • Generating test execution reports and collect test execution metrics.

Data protection and confidentiality

At «Binom Soft» we understand the critical importance of ensuring data security and confidentiality when working on customer project as well as legal data protection requirements applicable in variety of jurisdictions our customers are operating in. The methodology stipulates that the sensitive customer data must not be used in testing services unless absolutely required. As a standard practice unless dedicated test data is provided by the customer we make any customer data used for testing anonymous and, if necessary, use «synthetic» test data generated with the tools developed for this purpose in the course of the testing project. When testing activities must be performed using real and sensitive data this is done only by authorized personnel in secure customer environment either via remote connectivity or through an on-site placement.



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