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Embedded language K-Script


K-Script is an application-oriented language with SQL and objects support. This language allows to create procedures of unlimited complexity in CRAFT application modules configuration and provides full control over the user interface (using event-driven mechanism of procedures call).

An important feature of the script language is that events/procedures are compiled at design time in Master-service module. During compilation strong typing control is done and compiler outputs all compilation errors with hints and links to lines of code with errors. So, non-compiled procedure or event will never be executed which eliminates any possibility of errors during execution. also, pre-compilation of procedures and events significantly increases speed of business logic execution at run time.

Other advantages of the language:

  • Event oriented;
  • Internal SQL support;
  • XML support;
  • OLE support.

Main K-Script language features are:


Supported data types

  • Boolean;
  • Number;
  • String;
  • Date;
  • Time;
  • Date-time;
  • BLOB;
  • Object.

Object types

  • Transaction;
  • Message;
  • Window;
  • Datawindow;
  • DataStore;
  • OLE object.

Main elements

  • Comments;
  • Constants;
  • Variables;
  • Variable size arrays (1 and 2 dimension);
  • Functions with arguments passed by value or by reference;
  • Control instructions (IF .. THEN, CHOOSE CASE ..);
  • Cycle instructions (FOR, LOOP, CONTINUE, EXIT);
  • Branch instructions (EXIT, GOTO, RETURN);
  • Object manipulation instructions (CREATE, DESTROY).


System functions

  • file, arrays;
  • data conversion;
  • number, string;
  • date-time.

Object functions

  • Window;
  • Transaction;
  • Datawindow;
  • DataStore;
  • OLE;
  • XML.

Interface functions

  • Managing windows and dialogs;
  • Data exchange etc.

SQL support

  • Cursors (Declare, Open, Close, Fetch);
  • EXECUTE (dynamic SQL);
  • EXECSQL (calling stored SQL procedures);
  • Transaction control (Commit, Rollback);
  • Transaction status (SQLCode, SQLErrText);
  • Multiple transaction objects (database connection sessions);
  • Read/write operations of BLOB-data.



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