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CRAFT advantages


By using the CRAFT ERP, you get the following advantages:

Low cost of system ownership

  • The database used (Firebird) can work on a free operating system Linux (no need to pay for a license for server software and user connections);
  • Using free SQL database Firebird (no need to pay a license fee for the database server and connections to the database);
  • Easy upgrade to a more functional version — it is only necessary to get a new electronic key and update the configuration.

Learn more about CRAFT technologies.

Rich functionality

  • CRAFT embodies many-years of experience of the company specialists in software automation of different commercial enterprises;
  • The functional of the system allows you to automate all the business processes needed;
  • The system is ready for use right after installation — typical settings have already been made;
  • Many functions of the system are unique (for instance, built-in documents workflow, flexible price mechanism, piece accounting and many others).

More information about CRAFT modules.

Parallel accounting (different legal entities) in one database

  • Start keeping records for another company is very easy! Simply enter the additional accounting section;
  • All accounting is maintained in a single database — no special actions for synchronizing data are needed;
  • The data of all directories (for instance, contractors, nomenclature, etc.) are available from any section of accounting;
  • Registers of documents and record registers (such as account balances) are maintained separately with an independent numbering;
  • Selective transfer of documents from one section to another is possible.

More information about the informational structure.

User-friendly interface

  • An intuitive user interface, unified for the whole system;
  • The widespread use of context menus and service functions;
  • An opportunity to individual user interface customization;
  • The ability to quickly enter data using the «hot» keys without using the mouse;
  • Perfect opportunity for searching, sorting and filtering of data.

More information about interface.

Highly reliable data storage and processing

  • The ability to use Linux operating system for the database server (advanced resistance to viruses and DOS-attacks);
  • The use of modern SQL database server (Firebird) — data are stored in encrypted form;
  • Using «client-server» technology — the transactions of data changes are performed on the server;
  • High speed of data processing and executing reports thanks to using SQL technology.

More information about the database server.

Easy system administration

  • Management of system users directly in the program;
  • Built-in system of automatic update of client workstations from the server;
  • Special utility program to install service packs of system configuration;
  • Control of configuration versions, logging of installed packages.


  • Thanks to the use of the «client-server» technology, system performance depends mainly on the server capacity;
  • The increase in the amount of users is possible by simple increasing of workstation licenses;
  • The system can grow with Your company — the remote branches can be easily integrated into the overall system.

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is an ERP system providing automation in most important business aspects of an enterprise.

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CRAFT (free)


The universal customizable utility for data transfer/conversion from one database to another.

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