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Transfer main features:

  • Work with any databases via ODBC interface.
  • High performance in data processing.
  • SQL query language support.
  • Automatic data type convesion during transfer.
  • Embedded flexible data structure (profiles) definition language.
  • Support of external arguments for a data profile.
  • Convenient data profile editor (GUI).
  • Stored database procedures’ calls during transfer.
  • Trigger-based mechanism to make the data processing scenario.
  • Possibility to process master-slave tables in one logical block.
  • Internal text data convertor from ANSI to OEM and vice versa.
  • Options to run from command line.
  • Logging all actions in a protocol file.
  • Optional SQL-commands execution tracing.
  • Automatic message files creation upon the transfer completion.
  • Possibility to run automatic file exchange with a remote host.
  • Internal LZW data archiver.
  • Multilingual support.



is an ERP system providing automation in most important business aspects of an enterprise.

On-line demo (rus)

White paper (pdf)

Platform description (pdf)

CRAFT (free)


The universal customizable utility for data transfer/conversion from one database to another.

White paper (pdf)


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