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1. Program is very useful as a utility for quick one-occasion data transfer/conversion from one database to another. Those databases should not neccessarily be of the same type. For example, quite easy you can transfer your data between Access and Oracle. All you need for that — is to define data structures (tables) and corellation between source and destination. You can also use the special feature to automatically create tables in destination database. Data can be conveyed unconditionally or using comparison mode, i.e. only missing rows will be added to the destination table.

2. It is possible to use Transfer as powerful tool providing data exchage between central office and remote branches for financial applications. Data can be delivered using any media (diskette, USB drive) or by email. Here the powerful mechanizm of integrated data processing can be used for documents exchange (where the document is treated as a monolithic entity which consists of related data). For data processing automation during information import the event-based scenario can be used by means of special triggers. Also, the big advantage of Transfer is the capability of stored database procedures’ calls during data transfer.

3. Transfer can also serve as a transmission mechanizm to provide an automatic continuous data exchange between distributed databases. The special data exchange setup allows to plan automatic sessions of data transferring in certain data intervals. Program should be run all the time (be resident). For the convenience of users the program can be minimized to system. To optimize the data file size for sending there is an embedded data archiver in LZW format. The remote hosts can be connected, for example, using Microsoft service «Remote-access server».



is an ERP system providing automation in most important business aspects of an enterprise.

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The universal customizable utility for data transfer/conversion from one database to another.

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